Esther E. Scmidt

Okay, so have you ever read an author that’s so incredible they make you want to read everything they’ve ever written because you couldn’t possibly compete with their imagination? That is exactly what Esther does for me!! Every book is so different from the last in her series and just overall. Her characters are fascinating and she’s funny and sexy at the same time!! So if you like MC/Mafia books and/or Instalove, Esther is the place to go!

Now Motorcycle Club books weren’t something I would read before checking out Esther’s other books. I just didn’t like them. So I started with the Swampheads series, a series devoted to a group of backwoods country, alligator wrestling siblings who all fall in insta-love with various people. Seriously funny, they are the best insta-love books I’ve ever read! I really hope that there are more Swampheads books in the future since I want to know about the twins!! After that, I read Ford which made me read the Dundik Circle books which got me so hooked on Esther that I took a chance and checked out her M.C. books!! I actually recommend that instead of starting with Ford you start with her very first book Zack, since Dundik Circle is a spin-off of that series. Aerion Fury and Broken Deeds interconnect so read Zack and then Broke. Getting hooked on Esther’s men is a guarantee!!


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